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Mobile: 07715894012
Landline: 02890945598
Email: info@u2atutors.co.uk

First hour - £30/hr

Standard Charges: July - December

AQE/GL Entrance exams (small groups)       £20/hr
GCSE and AS Level                                        £40/hr  
A Level                                                           £40/hr
                   HND and DEGREE                                         £40/hr          

Peak-time* Charges: January - June

GCSE                            £40       
   A Level                        £50/hr*  
HND and DEGREE      £50/hr*

* Please note: Depending on when you start, the charges will not change throughout the academic year. So, if you start the lessons before December, the charges will be £40/hr throughout the academic year. 

(1 hour for GCSE / 1.5 hours for A level is an ideal and conducive arrangement for effective knowledge transfer)

Booking Now for -

Christmas/Easter Accelerated Courses

1. One - one                 Charges: £40/hr 

a)    5 lessons/week for 4 weeks (total 20 hours)
   2+2+1 OR 1-hour/day, weekdays.
                             b)   Three, 1.5-hour, lessons/week for 4 weeks (Total 18 hours)

                        c)   Two, 2-hour, lessons/week for 4 weeks (Total 16 hours)      

                        2. Group Bookings         Charges: £30/hr/person                       

                Three, 2-hr, lessons/week for 4 weeks (total 24 hours)
   (Min 2 nos. & Max. 3 nos.)    

Please note: Other preferred convenient formats can be considered. Advance payment required at the start of all courses.

Send your enquires to info@u2atutors.co.uk