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Maths, English, Science and language tutoring at GCSE Level

Outdoor Study Group

GCSE years (Y11 and Y12 for Northern Ireland) are undoubtedly the most important years within the KS3 and KS4 period. KS3 targets are designed to gear up to KS4 level education. Pupils achievements by the end of KS3 (Year 10) will be taken into account to decide if the pupil can choose, for example, the fast track Further Math route or the Higher/Foundation Math route.  Similarly, for sciences, the decision whether to allow a pupil to opt for a triple award or double award is made before the start of the GCSE years.


It is very important to be ready for GCSE years before they actually start. At U2A Tutors, we instil the importance of KS3 years and help our pupils prepare and be ready for GCSE years. We put in place a tailor-made support package in place after assessing the current level of the pupil depending on their availability.

All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced to provide the necessary tailor-made support. We make they are what they say they are so you don't have to ask the awkward questions in your first meeting.

We cover all subjects, including languages, at GCSE level.


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