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At U2A Tutors, we treat every students' needs specific to their individual style of learning. Here, we continuously strive to instil in the minds of our pupils that "No Question is a SILLY Question and Every Answer is a GOOD Answer...". The teaching/training speed is never too slow or too fast. It is, again, tailored according to the processing speed and specific learning style of the individual pupil.

We offer focused P7 Transfer Test - AQE and GL - training provided by Qualified Teachers in groups (Suspended during lockdown) or on a one - one basis, twice a week, by meticulously going through lots of reliable practice material. 

Are you looking for one-one focused support for GCSE / A level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Biology, Computing, Accounting, English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, etc, subjects to achieve top grades?

We have the expertise in all of these subjects.

Are you looking for a final-push, exam support with right guidance covering all the challenging exam questions?

We cover all questions from all exam boards within U.K. and beyond.


Or perhaps you find it hard to catch up with A level Maths while you did really well with GCSE Maths? 

Did you choose to opt out from GCSE Further Maths and that's why you feel lonely and almost incapable in a group of students who opted for it? 


Do you sometimes feel bored or out of place or in 'deeper waters' with A level Physics while you felt GCSE Physics was fun and inspiring? 


Are you just back from a "long" holiday and looking for a 1/ 2-week / weekend Refresher Course 1-1 or Group Refresher Courses?

We have specially designed courses just right for such situations.


If you rather prefer attending bursts of short courses instead of attending a fixed weekly lesson throughout the year...

We keep our weekends and holidays free for such intensive courses. 


Or are you just looking for someone who could provide that valuable extra support to boost your grades?  

Whatever your requirements / ability, we have a proven track record for helping students from all backgrounds, succeed. As professional tutors with extensive in-depth subject knowledge - especially in English, the sciences and mathematics at all levels - We have developed unique techniques/methods which are designed to establish the foundation, sustainable at any level for future studies. 


The dynamics of learning in an classroom environment are complex. Peer pressure, inferiority complex, bullying in the 'playground' and the effect it has on individual learning, etc. Furthermore, one of the main difficulties a student faces in a classroom is to adjust to the pace of teaching which varies depending on the response of 'dominant' students. Therefore, at U2A Tutors, the pace of learning of the student will be the main focus of our tutors and will be the only factor which decides the pace of our lessons - never too slow or too fast, but just right. 


In an environment where no question is a silly question, a whole new confidence is instilled at the beginning and a new pace of fun and learning begins. Soon, you/your child will feel confident and begin to thrive, not only in the subject you are getting help in but, in every other area of your study. 

Lessons will take place at our purpose-built Finaghy (South Belfast) premises. With the necessary resources - whiteboards, past papers, ex-students' exam answer sheets and equipment for small experiments - every lesson is made lively and interesting. 


Please DO NOT hesitate to get in touch if you require any other information. Call or email us.

07715 894012

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