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Tutoring for P1 through to Transfer Test level


At U2A Tutors, we completely understand the importance and value of providing dedicated support at a very early age. There is nothing that compares to instilling confidence in young minds by introducing topics consistently of challenging nature depending the ability of the individual child and not for a year group. .


We use fun based teaching methods, software tools, visual and sensory tools to engage with the young minds. 

We have qualified and dedicated teachers providing high quality support for primary children covering all ages leading on to P7 transfer tests.


With all the necessary resources, we specialise in providing help with both AQE and GL Exams.


We offer one-to-one physical/online and group lessons depending on what is best suited for the child. 


Special Booster Sessions are offered during the Summer Break. 

Please complete the Contact Us section below detailing your requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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