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U2A Tutors Response - Covid 19

In this extremely challenging time, we are doing everything to help our customers.

We were the first tuition service in Northern Ireland who announced that we are committed to supporting all local students due to take GCSE and A level exams, free of charge when the schools, abruptly, announced that they were closing indefinitely while the NI exam board was taking its time to decide.

There was no certainty for a week, or so, until the Northern Ireland's exam board confirmed that they are also cancelling the summer exams this year.

Cancellation of exams has generated mixed reactions.

There are a lot of developments in a typical secondary school after January every year. Most schools gear up to get the syllabus completed so that they can test their students thoroughly in their mocks. This becomes a basis in helping teachers fine tune their predicted grades.

For many students and parents, mock results become a wake-up call especially when the scores are not as expected and they seek help elsewhere, privately.

Around this time, we gear up to deal with the surge in number of students seeking specialised, mainly one-one, help. A schedule is drawn up to replace the 'dull' predicted grades with desired actual grades in the summer exams.

After the cancellation of Summer 2020 exams, many scenarios have emerged.

Those 'A2' and GCSE level students who had good predicted grades are the only happy ones among the lot. They are a minority, though. Those ‘A2’ students who didn't have a good predicted grade, for whatever reason, are devastated as they will have to repeat the year by registering in a further education institute and take the exam in 2021, if the current situation improves. Furthermore, the break in momentum of learning and additional financial burden will make it even harder for them to achieve their desired grades.

The GCSE students who didn't plan to continue with a particular subject and had an undesired predicted grade also lose out on the chance of improving their final grade before they move on with their other chosen ‘A’ level choices. If they want to challenge their final grades awarded, based on their predicted grades, they will have to prepare for the exams in 2021 on their own compounded by the fact that, in most cases, their syllabus was not completed.

The GCSE students who would like to continue with their subjects for ‘A’ level, feel the need to seek additional support so that their subject knowledge, at GCSE level, is consolidated and hence feel confident to start their ‘A’ levels.

‘AS’ level students still have to live with the uncertainty of whether they will be tested, at all, for their intermediate year. Almost all the schools hadn't completed the syllabus before the school closures and depending on when the students go back to school, there is bound to be further dilemma. If they decide to test the students early next year, the teachers will have to rush through the pending ‘AS’ topics while also teaching the ‘A2’ topics, to be on schedule for summer 2021, ‘A2’ exams. If the exam board decides to amalgamate AS and A2 exams for summer 2021, as the English boards do, it will not be fair as there was no prior intimation for the students at the start of their post-16 education.

The uncertainty continues with the primary transfer tests too. The momentum of learning has also dropped for the P6 students as online learning is not as effective as it is with the older students. For quality P6 online support, only good quality hardware and software teaching can bridge the gap.

We, at U2A Tutors, understand that the transition from physical one - one lessons to online is not straight forward. Hence, we have invested in quality tools to make the transition as smooth as possible. We are already providing online help at all levels, especially for GCSE, AS Level and Primary Transfer Test Training (CEA and GL) and continue to do so throughout summer without break.

Please call or write to us on info@u2atutors.co.uk to discuss your requirement.

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