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11+ Transfer Test (GL and AQE) Booster Course 2023

This course is designed to give that extra confidence and reassurance that is just lacking due the stress young children are going through as they get ready to face the first big academic challenge of their life after the Pandemic. 



With qualified teachers and experienced tutors, along with the assistants, we hope to make this a very pleasant and valuable learning experience. We have designed the course using various testing methods used for this age group across the UK.

To maximise the benefits from these booster sessions, we recommend parents to consider booking all five sessions throughout the week. A minimum of three sessions must be booked to gain a tangible benefit and make the course viable.  Each session complements the one that follows and will be able to provide a holistic learning and confidence boosting experience.


Depending on the level and number of children registering, we will classify the children accordingly so that everyone is able to benefit fully irrespective of their current level of achievement.

The sessions will be held in small groups and will provide an excellent opportunity for benchmarking with children from other schools.

Those who are able to register early on, we will offer a 10 minute differentiation test at our Finaghy office in the weekday evenings or Sunday. This will help us place them in the appropriate group according to their scores in the test. 

Differentiation test will be used to classify all pupils irrespective of when they register.

The charge works out to be £14/hour. Full payment is required before the start of the sessions.

We urge parents to get their children to use the toilets before they arrive at the centre to minimise the disruption to the sessions. 

For further details or to register your interest, please complete the 'contact us'

form with a short note of what you are looking for.



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